Enemies, A Love Story

Enemies, A Love Story
Image courtesy of Farrar, Straus, & Giroux
Jacket Copy:

"One is forever suspended between laughter and tears by this rich and marvelous novel."

Christopher Lehmann-Haupt The New York Times

Almost before he knows it, Herman Broder, refugee and survivor of World War II, has three wives; Yadwiga, the Polish peasant who hid him from the Nazis; Masha, his beautiful and neurotic true love; and Tamara, his first wife, miraculously returned from the dead. Astonished by each new complication, and yet resigned to a life of evasion, Herman navigates a crowded, Yiddish New York with a sense of perpetually impending doom. The first of Singer's novels to be set in America, ENEMIES, A LOVE STORY tells an unexpected and moving tale.

"Isaac Bashevis Singer is a rare pleasure,a literary genius." San Francisco Chronicle

"Singer writes with a love and passion unequaled in contemporary fiction." The Washington Post Book World

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