Death of Methusela and Other Stories

Death of Methusela and Other Stories
Twenty stories from the Nobel Prizewinner, including "Disguised," a transvestite tale of the yeshiva student whose deserted wife finds him dressed as a woman and married to a man, and the title story, which portrays Methuselah at the age of 969 -- "and when you pass your nine hundredth birthday, you are not what you used to be."

Once again, Singer demonstrates his sparkling expertise in his treatment of Jewish folklore and legend.

Table of Contents:

The Jew from Babylon
The House Friend
Burial at Sea
The Recluse
The Accuser and the Accused
The Trap
The Smuggler
A Peephole in the Gate
The Bitter Truth
The Impresario
Runners to Nowhere
The Missing Line
The Hotel
Sabbath in Gehenna
The Last Gaze
The Death of Methuselah

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