Collected Stories, Vol. I: Gimpel the Fool to The Letter Writer

Collected Stories, Vol. I:  Gimpel the Fool to The Letter Writer
In this volume, the stories show the author’s parable of probity and goodness, “Gimpel the Fool”, as well as the disturbing supernatural tales that explore irrational undercurrents of human personality and collective life.

Also included are several stories later adapted for the stage and screen, such as “Yentl the Yeshiva Boy”, “Taibele and Her Demon”, and “The Mirror”.

“Singer casts a spell,” writes Joyce Carol Oates. “Open one of his books anywhere, the words leap out with a power that would seem to us demonic if it were not, at the very same time, so utterly plausible.”

Table of Contents:

Gimpel the Fool
The Gentleman from Cracow
The Wife Killer
By the Light of Memorial Candles
The Mirror
The Little Shoemakers
From the Diary of One not Born
The Old Man
The Unseen
The Spinoza of Market Street
The Black Wedding
A Take of Two Liars
The Shadow of a Crib
Shiddah and Kuziba
The Beggar Said So
The Man Who Came Back
A Piece of Advice
In the Poorhouse
The Destruction of Kreshev
Taibele and Her Demon
Big and Little
Esther Kreindel the Second
Jachid and Jechidah
Under the Kife
The Fast
The Lst Demon
Yentl the Yeshiva Boy
Three Tales
Zeidlus the Pope
A Wedding in Brownsville
I Place My Reliance on No Man
Short Friday
The Séance
The Slaghterer
The Dead fiddler
The Lecture
The Plagiarist
Zeitl and Rickel
The Warehouse
Henne Fire
Getzel the Monkey
The Needle
Two Corpses Go Dancing
The Parrot
The Brooch
The Letter Writer

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