An Isaac Bashevis Singer Reader

An Isaac Bashevis Singer Reader
A collection of short stories by Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, the most widely known and possibly the last of the great Yiddish-language novelists and short-story writers.

These rich tales entice the reader into an enchanted world of demons, imps, and other magical creatures living side-by-side ordinary shopkeepers, rabbis, husbands, wives, and other country folk.

Table of Contents:

Gimpel the Fool
The Mirror
The Unseen
The Spinoza of Market Street
The Black Wedding
The Man Who Came Back
Short Friday
Yentl the Yeshiva Boy
The Fast
The Se´ance
The Slaughterer
The Lecture
Getzel the Monkey
A Friend of Kafka
My father's friend
A Wedding
Had He been a Kohen
The Magician of Lublin

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