Stories for Children

Stories for Children
"Children," Mr. Singer believes, "are the best readers of genuine literature." Yet it was not until 1966, at the age of sixty-two, that he published his first children's book, Zlateh the Goat, a Newbery Honor Book. Many stories later, his stature as a teller of exuberant and timeless tales for children which are rich in fantasy but also deeply rooted in the lost cultural tradition of his native Poland is perhaps unsurpassed.

This volume presents the lion's share of the children's stories Isaac Bashevis Singer has written to date, along with a brief introduction and epilogue. A number of the stories appear in book form for the first time. Most have been translated from the Yiddish, with the author's personal supervision and, in many cases, collaboration.

Table of Contents:

The Elders of Chelm and Genendel’s Key
A Tale of three Wishes
The Extinguished Lights
Mazel and Shlimazel
Why Noah Chose the Dove
Zlateh the Goat
A Hanukkah Eve in Warsaw
The Fools of Chelm and the Stupid Carp
The Wicked City
Rabbi Leib and the With Cunegunde
The Parakeet Named Dreidel
Lemel and Tzipa
The Day I Got Lost
Meashe and Rachel
Shlemiel the Businessman
Joseph and Koza
A Hanukkah Evening in My Parents’ House
Tsirtsur and Peziza
Naftali the Storyteller and His Horse, Sus
Hershele and Hanukkah
When Shlemiel Went to Warshaw
Elijah the Slave
The Poer of Light
Growing Up
The Lantuch
Utzel and His Daughter, Poverty
The Squire
Ole and Trufa
Dalfunka, Where the Rich Live Forever
Topiel and Tekla
Hanukkah in the Poorhouse
Shrewd Todie and Lyzer the Miser
The Fearsome Inn
The Cat Who thought She Was a Dog and the Dog Who Thought He Was a Cat
Meashe’s Dream
Are Children the Ultimate Literary Critics?

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