More Stories from My Father's Court

More Stories from My Father's Court

In My Father's Court is one of Isaac Bashevis Singer's most affecting autobiographical works. The stories in it, published serially in the Jewish Daily Forward, depict the beth din in his father's home on Krochmalna Street in Warsaw. A unique institution, the beth din was a combined court of law, synagogue, scholarly institution, and psychologist's office where people sought out the advice and counsel of a neighborhood rabbi.

The thirty-one stories gathered here, none previously published in English, show this world as it appeared to a young boy: In "A Guest in the Prayerhouse," a man who has converted to Judaism embarrasses the community with his extreme piety; in "She Will Surely Be Ashamed," a couple come for a divorce after forty years of marriage even though they are still in love; in the extraordinary "He Begs Forgiveness," a jeweler apologizes to his former fiancée for abandoning her twelve years before, igniting the imagination of the young Singer, who dreams of writing stories about dark, eternal love. From the earthy to the ethereal, these stories provide an intimate and powerful evocation of a world.

Table of Contents:

Chaim the Locksmith
The Shochet's Wife
A Guest in the Shtibl
A Chunk of Darkness
A Rabbi not Like My Father
Sounds that Interfere with Studying
Question or Advice?
Back from Abroad
She Surely will be Ashamed
He wants Forgiveness from Her
A Hasidic Rebbe on the Street
The Tinsmith and the Housemaid
What's the Purpose of Such a Life?
A Lawsuit and a Divorce
Nice Jews, but ...
The Gift
Reb Zanvele
The Bride
Had He Been a Kohen
One Groom and Two Brides
An Unusual Wedding
Reb Layzer Gravitzer
Reb Yekl Safir
Father Becomes an "Anarchist"
My Father's Friend
A Forged IOU

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