Day of Pleasure, A

Day of Pleasure, A
Singer's memories of his youth in Poland make a powerful, brilliant children's book. The author lays out a panorama of Jewish life in the city-- the rabbis in black velvet and gabardine, the shopkeepers, the street urchins and schoolboys, the poverty, the confusion, the excitement of the prewar time. But even more, the author reveals himself; and the torments and mysteries that plagued him as a child will make his stories fascinating to other children....Reflecting a bygone world, the photographs add a further note of realism and power.

A Day of Pleasure won the National Book Award for Children’s Books in 1970.

Table of Contents:

Who Am I?
The Trip from Radzymin to Warsaw
A Day of Pleasure
Why the Geese Shrieked
Reb Asher the Dairyman
To the Wild Cows
The Washwoman
I Become a Collector
The Strong Ones
Reb Itchele and Shprintza
The Mysteries of the Cabala
The Satin Coat
A Boy Philosopher
The Shot at Sarajevo
The Journey
The New Winds

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