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Isaac Bashevis Singer in Yiddish

This speech was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1978 when Mr. Singer was presented with the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Please click here to listen in (14.51 minutes long).

Los Angeles Times

Damion Searls: "He seems to me to be one of the rare writers equally at home in the story, short novel, and epic." more.

New York Times

William Deresiewicz: "Singer can get a story going in no time flat, conjure characters so vivid you feel as if they're sitting next to you, pour forth an endless supply of situations and surprises." more.

The New Republic

Adam Kirsch: "This stubborn fidelity to his own vision and experience is one of the things that makes him timeless." more.

The Paris Review

Interview by Harold Flender: more.

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